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The entire vitalink staff is intelligent, helpful, responsive and willingly adjusted their process to meet our individual needs. I highly recommend vitalink, but I sure hope my competitors don’t find out about them!
— D. Melissa Averett, Attorney at Law
I have been working with Jeanne Frazer and the team at vitalink for several years. As a business owner and business coach I am always looking for ways to strengthen my business and that of my clients. I recently experienced the value of vitalink’s PERCEPTION vs. REALITY Research Tool. Through a series of surveys it combines the perceptions of the business owner, customers and staff to identify the reality of where the business is and how to reposition the business to achieve maximum value for all of the stakeholders.
— Jack Ford, Executive Business Coach at Smart State
We highly recommend vitalink as a standout performer in the field of public relations, marketing and advertising.
— Joan Senecal, State of Vermont, Agency of Human Services