marketing communications

What is marketing communications?

Marketing communications tells your story and supports your business all while ensuring the right messages are sent to the right audience and accurately reflect your brand. If you have a great product or service but no one knows about it, you’re not going to be successful. Likewise, you’ve got to communicate with existing customers to respond to queries, support products/services or engage them for retention purposes.

Communicating and disseminating information has become increasingly important as the number of communication channels has grown and the role of content management – especially in search engine optimization (SEO) – has increased. Becoming the expert in your field also extends your Google footprint and helps others find you. Ultimately, you have to get your story out to potential prospects at the right time and through the right channels so they know you exist.

Here are just some of the things that typically fall into the marketing communications function:

  • Helping build and support the brand platform;
  • Public relations, media communications, press conferences and crisis planning;
  • Content development and management;
  • Product positioning;
  • Brand messaging;
  • Creating and distributing newsletters, white papers, case studies and articles;
  • Developing informational materials, product guides or sales presentations;
  • Working with the SEO team to ensure targeted web content represents the brand and has good SEO value;
  • Telling your story through social media;
  • Coordinating trade shows and events;
  • Creating internal training materials that support the brand platform;

In each case, the marketing communications team must produce on-brand compelling, educational and persuasive content merged with great creative to get the message out. Marketing communications touches (or should touch) every part of your business. Need help with your marketing communications? Ask us!

Who is responsible for marketing communications?

Many businesses and universities have dedicated marketing communications departments whose responsibility is to ensure the company or organization’s message is delivered clearly and consistently to their target markets. These individuals may be tasked with actually producing content and materials themselves, coordinating input from other content developers or experts (this is common in highly technical environments), or some combination thereof. Many will hire outside help to have a designer produce these pieces at a higher level. Smaller organizations may manage marketing communications more loosely, with different people all tasked with some piece of the pie and/or coordinating with outside vendors.

Marketing communications + strategic planning

We recommend all organizations have a strategic marketing plan that includes a marketing communications plan. The plan must support the overall strategic plan. Because communication is such a key element of implementing any strategic plan, marketing communications typically acts as a resource for each and every department plan, as well as the overall strategic plan, working with team members to ensure consistent messaging and communications all while following the brand platform.

Solid and effective marketing communications may help grow your business. If you need help with marketing communications or developing a strategic marketing plan, give vitalink a call at 919.850.0605 or contact us online.