If marketing doesn't address emotional concerns, amenities won't matter.

How will the SilverStandard Marketing Kit help?

1.  Increase your conversion rate!

2.  Presell prospects on your community.

3.  Drive more qualified leads to your website

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The SilverStandard Marketing Kit goes beyond your day-to-day marketing and addresses silent barriers.

Silver Standard Marketing Kit

The SilverStandard Marketing Kit

We've created the SilverStandard Marketing Kit for senior living to help you get measurable results and increase your conversion rate by overcoming unspoken objections.

How will this kit help?

  1. Increase your conversion rate!

  2. Presell prospects on your community.

  3. drive more qualified leads to your website

Think about the outcome in an increasingly competitive market:

  • How much is one new guest or resident worth?
  • How much will losing one guest cost?

The right marketing helps your return on investment (ROI).

The SilverStandard Marketing Kit includes: 

  • 3 high quality, customizable videos for use on your website and social media
  • Lifetime licensing for 3 SilverLife videos
  • 500 DVD copies with all 3 of your customized videos
  • Robust article series to use as handouts
  • Digital campaign (3-months included)
  • Marketing collateral - multipurpose customized postcard (with 500 printed copies)
  • Marketing How To Guide

With more and more communities being built everyday, it's critical to out market your competition. This kit helps you presell leads, increases traffic to your website and increases conversion rates.

Extended and add-on services are also available through our full-service marketing team. Learn more about the SilverStandard and see how SilverLife Marketing could help develop prospects into move in dates. Just submit this form today or call 919.850.0605.

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You have nothing to lose, but qualified leads to the competition. See if this program would be a good fit.