Video Takes a Leading Role in Marketing

If you have not added or maximized video in your marketing strategies, you are missing one of the most powerful marketing tools. 

An increasing number of consumers prefer video to learn about products and services. In addition to watching kitten (and other cute) videos on social sites - more than 500 million a day on Facebook alone  - potential buyers say video is helpful in their decision-making process. According to a recent article published by HighQ, online video is expected to account for 74% of all website traffic in 2017 . In addition, video can help overcome objections while also improving search engine optimization. Does this mean you should add kitten videos to your website? Not unless you are selling products or services for cats! Posting relevant video and sharing it on social, your website, or via your CRM tools, on the other hand, can help build your brand, increase engagement and help achieve other goals like converting more prospects. 

Creating your video

Cute kittens aside, your videos should generally be relevant to the types of consumers you wish to draw in. This goes beyond video showing your facility. Build your video library based on your content strategy (i.e., have a plan). Use video to answer current or prospective client questions, overcome objections, provide how-to information, or promote your brand.  

Research shows the first 10 seconds of the video are critical to capture attention . While many viewers (around 45%) will drop off after a minute and 60% by the 2-minute mark, older viewers and those wanting to learn more about your subject will watch longer videos. The video you post should have a relevant name, as well; don’t use the default file name!

Quality matters

It is important to remember your video will represent your brand to multiple audiences, so you want to make certain it is good quality and is branded with your logo, web address and contact information. High quality video can be expensive to produce, but can pay for itself.

Does video help search engine optimization?

Video can drive traffic to your site, increase site authority, jump up site visit times and improve engagement. Video on a landing page can also increase conversion rates. You can help improve your SEO by adding video and ensuring you follow some basic guidelines. 

Optimizing your website to increase your chances for one of the top spots in search results is an ongoing process. The search algorithms are always changing in an attempt to return the most relevant results to internet users. With a quality video that positions you as an authority and a little work up front, you can make it easier for Google and the other search spiders to find and evaluate your content.

Hosting your video

You have several options for hosting your video. YouTube (owned by Google, and the second largest search engine in the world) is the go-to platform. It has the benefit of a broad viewer base, potentially giving you more reach and visibility. Vimeo is another high quality, reliable tool. Both these tools provide snippets of code so you can embed the videos on your website.

Helping the search engines find your video

No matter where you choose to host your video, it is not a post and walk away! These are the steps we would take to help the search engines find your video and correctly identify its contents.

  1. Give your video a name that will help viewers understand what they will be seeing. 
  2. Create a separate page for each video on your website. Focus on the value of content in a specific video to help viewers and the search engines classify the page content.
  3. Include a transcript of your video on the web page. If you post on YouTube, there is a transcription (closed caption) option. 
  4. Make sure the meta title and description include keywords and give the reader (and search engines) information about the content of the video.
  5. Include next steps on the web page, when appropriate. Is there another video in the series to watch? Do you want them to schedule a visit? Can they request a DVD of the video? Do you offer a newsletter or a whitepaper subscription list? Ask for an email address to build your list.
  6. The video thumbnail picture should entice the viewer to click and watch. Don’t settle for the default thumbnail, which may not be interesting. 
  7. If you post multiple videos in a series on your organization’s YouTube channel, create a playlist to group them. This makes it easier for viewers to find and view similar content.
  8. Use social media to build interest in the video, and encourage easy sharing!
  9. Consider paid digital campaigns using video as the hook; digital with video performs better!

The Silver Standard
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