Why Branding is Important for Non-Profits

Why Branding is Important for Non-Profits

Non-profits (and small businesses!) start off with limited funding. Paid staff members and volunteers may all work separately to get the word out. Brand quality and consistency often suffer during these early days, and it can be a challenge to go back and adjust that first impression of the brand.

Here are three reasons branding is so important for non-profits, and what you can do to carry your brand throughout your efforts:

A Law of Attraction Prescription for Social Change

Using Ferguson, New York, Boston and Baltimore Events to Create a New Reality

By Karin Cross

Karin Cross

Karin Cross

Every experience in life is an opportunity to better define what is wanted for the future. From the perspective of right now, do you want more of the same or do you want something different? If you want more of the same, do nothing and continue to focus on what is. If you want something different, however, then your thoughts and actions must shift to reflect the change that is wanted. Creating a different experience is simply a matter of making a choice and lining up your thoughts and actions with this choice. This is the Law of Attraction at work – what you focus upon expands.

Recent events in Ferguson, New York, Boston and now Baltimore present all of us with the opportunity to look at what is and decide whether we want more of the same or something different.   If we want more of the same – fear, anger, frustration, powerlessness, loss – then we simply need to keep doing what we’re doing and continue to focus on what is – the details of each event, blame and the past. This is typically how we tend to respond – unconscious, reactionary and totally focused on the negative – and thus the reason that social change takes so long.

If, however, we do not want more of the same, we can use the incidents that have occurred in these cities and others to better define what we DO want instead. Consciously choosing peace, equality, justice, compassion and then aligning our thoughts, words and deeds with them guarantee the creation of a new reality. And when we focus collectively on what is wanted, it unfolds for us in powerful and unexpected ways.

So…What do we do? What does the process of “aligning with peace, equality, justice and compassion” look like in the real world?

  1. First, find your happy place. No kidding! Anyone involved or wanting to help change the status quo must first connect to a sense of peace and calm in whatever way works for you. Meditate, pray, walk on the beach, go fly fishing, play with your children or grandchildren…anything that helps you re-establish your own sense of personal balance and well-being. We live in a vibrational universe, and like attracts like. Because our thoughts are also vibrational, they attract similar thoughts, people and situations into our lives. Thus, to attract ideas for positive and empowering solutions and the pathways by which to pursue them, you must first set your own vibration – your own point of attraction – to that which you are wanting to achieve.
  2. Talk, Write, Meet. (But ONLY AFTER you have quieted your own spirit and are coming from a place of calm and hopefulness.) If you have the public’s ear or eye, uplift us with your words and paint a picture of the new reality we are wanting. Focus on solutions and celebrate the progress that is being made. Inspire us to release the past so that we can move forward toward this new reality. Again, everything is vibrational. Focus on anger and injustice simply attracts more of the same into our organizations, communities and homes.
  3. Be the change you want to create! Science shows that positive changes that we enact in our own lives influence others four degrees removed. To attract and create more peace, equality, justice and compassion in the world, we only need to seek it in our own lives. Ask yourself then:
    1. What would it feel like to experience more peace and calm in my own life? What can I do that would make me feel more like this? Go do that.
    2. What would it feel like to experience more equality and empowerment in my own life? What can I do to feel more empowered? Go do that.
    3. What would it feel like to experience more justice in my own life? What can I do to bring more of this feeling into my daily life? Go do that.
    4. What would it feel like to have more compassion in my life? What can I do to increase compassion in my life now? Go do that.
  4. Turn off the News! Last but not least, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your community is to turn away from anyone spewing negative thoughts and details about what is. Reporting the facts is one thing, turning facts into hype is another. These ideas and words are of a low vibration and only keep what is alive and thriving by attracting more of the same. There are, however, strong, visionary leaders in the world who inspire positive thoughts and actions and leave us feeling hopeful and eager for the new reality. They set a different tone, pursue a different approach and have a very different vibration from those who focus on the negative aspects, and thus they attract and create solutions that truly lead us to the new reality we are wanting.

That’s it. It is neither difficult nor complicated. Experiencing peace, equality, justice and compassion in our cities and communities is only a matter of consciously thinking about what we want rather than what we do not want and then seeking to experience these things in our individual lives. So tell me…What will you do today to change the world?

3 Reasons Not to Rebrand Your Law Firm by Yourself

Jeanne Frazer, president of vitalink and a member of The Expert Speakers

Jeanne Frazer, president of vitalink and a member of The Expert Speakers

Many people think revitalizing your law firm brand is fairly simple. You have or can hire an artist to create a new logo, right? But there are often factors that are overlooked when heading down this road. Branding is not just about your firm’s logo or brand mark. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t (re)brand your law firm on your own:

  1. A coordinated rebranding must be based on your core strengths and should include developing a brand platform. And that’s just the beginning. You must then not only develop the new brand visuals that support your brand platform, but also the brand messages. These must be fully integrated across all channels and touch points. Your messages must be consistent and must support your core brand truth. Building the brand platform requires time and effort. Many law firms aren’t staffed to take on the extra work.
  2. Perhaps one of the most overlooked challenges for do-it-yourselfers is working in a vacuum. Your rebranding must engage stakeholders to gain buy-in early in the process. Think this support isn’t needed? If you miss the mark and have to pull a new brand because you don’t have buy-in, you’ll have wasted time and money and have egg on your face. You don’t want to be explaining your mistake to the managing partner.
  3. Ineffective rollout. The external rollout is typically the easy part. Not having a plan to ensure all groups internally are communicating the new brand platform can lead to even more brand iterations and confusion. Old assets must be removed and replaced with new. Your rollout plan should include how you will have the changes implemented (it doesn’t always happen all at once) – from business cards and letterhead, to social media and videos, to the website and signage. You’ve also got to designate someone to monitor these channels for consistent brand usage. Oh—and the biggest thing you’ve got to have: the commitment of senior management team to make the change and support enforcing the new brand. It’s easy to say a different brand here or there won’t impact things, but these inconsistencies cause disconnects with your target audience that reduce effectiveness and harm your brand.

Yeah, but I can do this with a good checklist, can’t I?

There are certainly law firms and businesses out there capable of handling a rebranding internally, however even if your marketing department is large, doing all the work in-house is not always wise. Over time, brands (both the logo or brand mark and message points) can become tired and dated. In some industries, like technology, this happens extremely rapidly. In law firms, the pace of change may be a bit slower. When recent experience has all been in one industry or with one institution, we can easily allow our focus to become too narrow or insulated, missing some opportunities to make the brand even better. Consider the following ways a third-party can help you rebrand more effectively:

  • It may be obvious, but a third-party with no “skin in the game” is probably going to be more objective. There is no attachment to past art or content assets, which leads to a more honest assessment of what truly resonates with the intended target audience. During our recent work with one client, leadership thought that the history of the organization was the most important aspect. Our research with prospects told a much different story. They did not have the same reverence for the historical aspects, but were more concerned with how doing business would benefit them. That didn’t mean we ignored the history, it meant we reframed the historical references and we led with benefits that potential clients told us were important to them.
  • If surveys or focus groups are conducted, participants may be more open and willing to share honest opinions with a third-party, knowing their responses will be shared anonymously. We find respondents sometimes like to please and will change responses to get approval. Doing it yourself can also lead to unintentionally including leading questions that skew results. Some folks can’t help but stack the deck in favor of a pet idea or project.
  • It can be easier to “hear” something from paid outside experts. Sometimes the results of our research support what the marketing department has been saying all along. Leadership just needs to hear it from a different source. In addition, a firm hired specifically to complete the research and go through the rebranding process can make recommendations management may not want to hear. If you are the marketing director and are presenting a best plan that incorporates elements you know the managing partner will not like, would you be inclined to adjust the plan to gain easier acceptance – even if it is less effective? Management may also be more likely to argue the merits of the plan with an internal resource. An outside firm will likely present the best plan based on unbiased research, then work to justify it to senior management. The management team may still not like some aspects of the plan, but the response won’t be personal.
  • An outside firm will not have preconceived notions that may be held by those who work for the law firm or have been in the legal industry for many years. At vitalink, we have developed a survey tool based on our 15+ years of rebranding experience that gets to the core truth and promotes buy-in. We call it Perception vs. Reality. The survey compares responses of stakeholder groups important to the law firm or organization to give us a 360 degree view and identify the sweet spots where the stakeholders are all in agreement. These areas of alignment form the basis of our brand platform, because they are already widely believed. We do, however, often find a number of points where the perception of some doesn’t match the reality of others. If the firm chooses only one of these perspectives, the brand could be out of alignment. Instead we recommend working on a plan to bring these differences into alignment going into the future. Some law firms in the midst of change may want to reinvent themselves. They ask, “Why would old areas of alignment be important? Shouldn’t we just use message points that say what we want to become?” Change doesn’t happen overnight; we recommend focusing on select positive aspects where the brand is in alignment and telling your audience where you are going. A great example is the old tagline, “We’re #2, we work harder!” Remember the campaign?

If you do have the staff to implement a new brand, we recommend you consider hiring an independent party to handle the high-level rebranding process and strategy. Utilize your internal folks to support the effort and to implement the plan. Not sure if it’s time for you to vitalize your brand? Talk to us by calling 919.850.0605 or emailing today.

1 Hour of Inner Work = 7 Hours of Outer Work

Do the INNER WORK first, and everything else falls easily into place.

Karin Cross

Karin Cross

By Karin Cross

Last August I decided that I wanted to be interviewed on the radio. That experience just felt like the next logical step in further developing my Law of Attraction speaking and coaching practice. Since I’m fairly new to the public speaking arena, where to start was not so obvious. You might think that I would turn immediately to Google to identify local radio stations and personalities who host programs that might be a fit for me and my background. Alternatively, you might think that I would immediately get the word out to my network. Both of these courses of action would have taken a considerable amount of time and activity on my part. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of long hours of hit-or-miss unproductive work. So…no, I did not take either of these actions.

Instead, I chose one hour of inner work over seven hours of outer work. I sat still for a few moments, imagined someone inviting me to do a radio interview and connected with how that would feel. I then visualized and “emotionalized” the actual interview taking place. When my vision was complete, I released the images and emotions and began my daily rituals that help me stay in the flow – I meditate for twenty minutes, journal and write ten things (different each day) for which I am grateful. That day, I also recorded my desire for a radio interview in my journal, and I listed several gratitudes around appreciating the opportunity to speak to people via radio.

The inner work done, I took one more action regarding my desire for a radio interview – I wrote it down on the Universe’s to-do list. It is my work to identify what I want and to keep myself in a spirit of receiving; it is the Universe’s responsibility to work out the details.

That’s it. That’s all I did to get started on this new goal. Three days later I received a forwarded email from an AARP volunteer colleague of mine. The original email was from the host of a local radio show who was seeking an expert to interview on the topic of older workers returning to the workforce after care-giving for loved ones. (Given my twenty years in Human Resources and my specialization in the aging workforce, this was a perfect topic for me.) After doing a few virtual cartwheels, I immediately responded to the email. We talked the next day to establish that I was definitely a fit for her topic and audience and then scheduled the actual interview. The rest… is history. Well, not quite. The following month, AARP of North Carolina also asked me to do a radio interview. (I just love how well INNER WORK works!)

Total time and effort lining up with my desire and “making” it happen? About one hour of inner work. The alternative of working long and hard, trying to force things to happen, is a work ethic I am very happy to release. My method of living in the flow and enjoying life as it unfolds is just so much more fun and inspiring…AND EFFECTIVE!

How about you? Do you want to accomplish seven hours of work in only one hour a day? Do you want to really enjoy your day-to-day and feel what it’s like for your desires to easily unfold for you? Here’s how?

  1. Prioritize your WORK. Establish a daily inner practice that helps you maintain mental and emotional balance and clarity – that centers you. THIS is the one hour of INNER WORK that ultimately results in seven hours of OUTER WORK. I shared my daily practices above. My husband’s daily practice includes long boarding. There are different approaches to developing this inner peace, but the easiest place to start is simply to meditate about fifteen minutes every day. Done consistently, this action alone will change your life in many positive ways.
  2. Get clear on what you want. What do you want? A new relationship? A new job? A better experience with the job you have? More money? A healthier body? A profitable and fun business? New or better clients? Something material like a new house or car? Whatever it is, know WHAT you want – be able to describe it in great detail – and WHY you want it.
  3. Connect emotionally with what you want as if you already have it. Visualize it, feel it, focus on as many of the wanted details that you can think of.
  4. Let go of thoughts about WHEN or HOW your desire will unfold. Release your attachment to the outcomes. Focusing on the lack of what you want or trying to control when and how it happens makes the receiving of it much more difficult…and it takes the fun out of it.

That’s it. Becoming a magnet to all that you desire is very simple. When we do the WORK outlined above, we keep ourselves mentally and emotionally in alignment with what we want and thus allow it to actually happen much more quickly and easily than if you made it happen through long hours and hard work.
So go ahead. Give the WORK a go for two weeks. I guarantee you’ll like your results.

Karin Cross is a Law of Attraction Speaker, Teacher and Coach who helps women and organizations learn and apply concepts surrounding the Law of Attraction so that they can truly experience all that they are wanting with great joy and ease. More information is available at www.asamatterofthought.com.

Spiritualization or Despair in 2015? It’s a Matter of Choice

By Vincent Genna

As a psychic medium, people constantly ask me what the future holds – for themselves, their families and friends, and the world. No matter what my initial response is, I always follow it up by reminding everyone that all of us have free will, and therefore, can change everything in our future at any moment and within the blink of an eye. However, the Earth and all other living creatures do NOT have free will. It all thrives and lives by the ecology of nature, temperament, and instinct.

Now, what became inherent upon our creation as individualized expressions of Spirit is our dominion over all physical life, including our biological bodies. Individually and collectively, we control, manipulate, influence, affect, create, destroy, and regulate all physical life, here and throughout all universes. Subsequently, the choices we make, which manifest our futures, also affect the responses of our planet and life on it. Though we do not have dominion over each other, we can certainly control, manipulate, influence, affect, create, destroy, and regulate each other psychologically.

For the past few years, there has been a shift in our human consciousness. The Mayan calendar and prediction for December 21, 2012 was NOT a prediction for the end of life on Earth. It was a measurement for when one old consciousness was ending and a new one beginning – a spiritual one. Universally in the past few years, an increasing number of people have begun to recognize that humans are far more than just evolutionary physical beings having a physical experience here. We are awakening to the truth that we are co-creative spiritual beings having a physical experience. However, are we waking up fast enough for the sake of ourselves, each other, and for this planet and the rest of life on it to which we are accountable?

In 2014 there has been much devastation and many catastrophes caused by unrelenting warfare and terrorism, tornados, hurricanes, severe storms, mudslides and landslides, outrageous winter storms, earthquakes, wildfires, chemical spills, disappearing airplanes, and deadly diseases. Many positive events and acts occurred in 2014 as well, including a worldwide conscious movement toward peace initiated by the UN, numerous profound altruistic and philanthropic deeds, new coalitions of movements for choosing love over hate, discovered cures and treatments for various diseases, heroic acts, and the continued legalization of same-sex marriage across the United States.

Throughout history, as negativity and unhappiness have increased among people, so has a search for hope and more meaningful living. Crises with vocation, finance, health, and relationships are at a crucial high in recent years. People are thirsty for a shift in spiritual consciousness, if only to take control of their own lives. So, what can we expect in 2015 – an increase in spiritualization, or even more cataclysmic and deadly occurrences?

Since we are spiritual beings created by one Source, we are one with a collective pool of energy. Also, by the nature of our being, all our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors create energy. As proven by the laws of physics, once energy is created, it cannot be destroyed. And energy can have either a positive charge or a negative charge. We are capable of creating those positive and negative energies.

Now, once we create energy, positive or negative, that energy not only resides around and affects its creator, it adds to the collective pool of energy to which all life and we are connected. That pool of energy then hovers around and affects the world. Therefore, the energy emitted from people on one side of the Earth can absolutely affect people on the other side of the Earth. There is no separation by distance or time. It’s similar to the Earth science understanding of plate tectonics. An earthquake or plate shift on one side of the planet can cause a shift or earthquake on the other side, since all the plates are connected to each other. With this understanding, you will be able to fathom my predictions.

The spiritual energy in 2015 will continue to move in a forward direction. Another law of physics states that once mass or energy is set into motion, it cannot stop unless some greater force stops it. When the God Force created us by becoming us, we were placed into motion, a forward motion. This Intelligence and Force knew that once we were set in motion by the highest power, no other force could ever impede or stop our motion or direction. Therefore, we are always moving and evolving in a forward direction. We can neither stop growing nor regress. Then why do we worry about anything we may be creating, positive or negative? Why do we even want to know the future, when in theory, we all end up highly evolved eventually? There is only one reason for tapping into the future – to change it, to ensure it, to generate hope!

When I had my spontaneous awakening 32 years ago, I came to recognize the true Divine mission and purpose of my life was to help heal the world. When I fully committed to using my psychic medium gifts, I did it with one directive only – that I would see only that which could empower people to transform their lives! For the past 32 years, I have transformed thousands of lives by empowering people to believe in themselves and to use their Divine gifts to fulfill their dreams and create the lives they desired. So then, the ONLY purpose for seeing all that I see now and in 2015 is to heal it or enhance it. More important, is THAT I see it. I see it because the negative can be changed by free will and the concept of critical mass, and the positive can be enhanced with more intention and focus.

If we only move in a forward direction, growing and evolving along the way, why even concern ourselves or write such an article as this about 2015 predictions? It’s the INTERIM! The interim period of evolving from here to a higher level can either be one of a smooth transition or one of torment and pain. You see, as we grow as an energy, our use of our co-creative powers grows as well. We cannot help it. It is part of that universal scientific law of an object or energy in forward motion. However, the use of that energy, the charge of that energy, whether it be positive or negative, is completely determined by us! There is no law that determines how our energy is directed. It can only be directed by each individual’s choice. Not only does the individual’s choice affect the individual’s outcome, the individual’s choice affects the outcome of the whole. As I said earlier, we all feed into a greater pool of energy in addition to our own.

Thus, as we are becoming more powerful in our energy growth, the choices we make now are more critical than they have ever been before. We can no longer blindly or unknowingly move through life with the delusion that we are absurd victims subject to nature and luck, that nothing that we do matters, and that we are merely physical beings having a physical experience. We are great creative forces to be reckoned with! The greatest news about our ability to change all the negative that may be happening is that we only need a critical mass, a small number of people awakening their spiritual understanding to overcome all the negative that is present.

I have great faith and belief in my brethren here. I have no doubts that we will eventually gain understanding, wake up to our greatest being, and create all we want. I have some concern, however, as to the time in which that will happen and the results during that time. We have not reached a critical mass yet, enough to overturn the negative energies that are manifesting the destructive outcomes. Yes, there has been a shift in consciousness. Yes, we are moving toward greater awareness. We cannot help that, as discussed earlier. But are we moving and awakening fast enough? While moving slowly in that direction, we continue to create great hardships and pains. Hardship and pain begets more hardship and pain. As we feel more fear, we create more torment. Torment then creates more fear, and the cycle continues. The only answer is, that we must wake up faster.

I write all this solely to motivate and empower you, the reader. Make stepping into yourself, your Divinity, and your power a priority. How to do that completely is an entirely different article. There is a means to begin that process of self-discovery and reawakening; while the process is simple, the practice is difficult and tedious. Our purpose here is to experience ourselves, period. In order to know who we are as magnificent, divine beings, we must experience ourselves. And we experience ourselves by pursuing our dreams!

Find your dreams. Define your dreams. Believe that they are within you, and believe you deserve them. Believe in yourself. Your dreams are within you. By healing the core of you, you heal the world!

You see, the reason for ALL the negative feelings, anger, lashing out, hatred, killing and lack of compassion and love in the world today is because we have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten that we are individualized expressions of the One Source and that all It is we are, and because we have forgotten, we are lashing out at each other. We are ALL starving to feel love! Believing in ourselves, allowing our dreams to rise into our awareness, pursuing them because we believe we deserve them, and reattaching to our divinity is the only way to dissuade the predictions for 2015 or forever. So then, whether 2015 will be a year of spiritualization or greater despair is completely in our hands! I wish you, then, a year of happiness, dreams fulfilled, and loving abundance, so you can pass that on and help save this beautiful world where we are all one.

Erroll Reese joins HBCUgrow team

vitalink is proud to announce the addition of Erroll Reese to the HBCUgrow team at vitalink.

Erroll Reese HBCUgrow Consultant

Erroll Reese HBCUgrow Consultant

Erroll Reese is the Founder/CEO of EWI Technologies (EWI), a full service tech company located in the Triangle area of North Carolina. He joins the vitalink team as a dynamic visionary working with our HBCUgrow clients. Reese’s experience with integrating technology and marketing offers clients the most compelling and sophisticated integrated solutions available. A critical component of EWI’s work is the systematic development of opportunities and programs that allow technologically deprived individuals and groups to participate in the digital revolution.

Erroll’s background includes more than 25 years in the Information Technology field. He worked for IBM and Fujitsu America before founding EWI Technologies.  Reese has held Board positions with several non-profits, and is often called upon to speak on technology issues. Most notably, he was a 2 year participant in the “Blacks in Technology” tour presented by the Tavis Smiley Group, participated in the digital divide tour during the Clinton administration and presented to the U.S. Congress on digital opportunities for minorities.

Reese holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Alabama A&M University, attended the IBM Executive Resource Institute, and participated in the Executive Program at UNC Chapel Hill.

Branding Series Part 2: Why Your Brand Is As Important As Your Car

Jeanne Frazer, president of vitalink and a member of The Expert Speakers

Jeanne Frazer, president of vitalink and a member of The Expert Speakers

Do you have a really nice car? Years ago, a wise friend told me to buy an expensive car so I would be seen as successful. While a nice car should not, in theory, have anything to do with my skills or value as a person, many people make assumptions about other individuals, companies, products or services based on a first impression. And this perception is reality.

Whether you are building a personal brand or a business brand, that brand must create an accurate first impression of who you/the company are and what you represent. Consumers today have very limited attention spans. We make decisions in seconds. Even in a situation where we do research for a larger investment like a house or car, our initial starting point is often dictated by that first impression. We may not even look at a house in a specific neighborhood because of a bad “vibes.” A recent career tip from the American Marketing Association mentioned that most employers reviewing your resume will make a decision on whether or not to interview you within 15 seconds. While you might be the perfect candidate for the job, if you don’t make that first cut, you won’t get the chance to present your case to the hiring manager.

So what can you do to make sure the first impression your brand makes is accurate and represents the value others will receive by doing business with you?

  1. Spend time up front on developing your brand. Do the research and pay attention to details to ensure your brand creates the impression you want.
  2. Get input from a variety of others to verify that they see your new brand as intended. What are their first thoughts when they see your new logo? Is your new website of the quality expected? Include friends, family members and fellow industry professionals you engage with on a regular basis.
  3. Don’t copy what others are doing! It is your core truth that is being defined here – and you are unique.
  4. Watch out for fads or shortcuts that may not get you where you want to go. Before you buy or spend time on something, ask yourself what value it has in building your brand. If you don’t see clear value, or if on closer inspection it conflicts with your brand, don’t do it!

Brands can evolve over time, but ultimately must reflect your core truth. Don’t buy the Lexus if a Prius is a better reflection of your values. When you think about firms with successful brands, you can typically sum up the essence of that company in a few words. Think about the words, feelings and images that represent your brand. If your perception matches that of your clients and potential consumers, you are on target.

Read Part 1 in the series: Why Should I Care About My Brand?

University rebranding nets record enrollment and an increase in alumni giving

Raleigh, NCJeanne Frazer, president of branding and marketing think tank vitalink, reported the firm is wrapping up a successful rebranding campaign for Jackson State University (JSU) in Jackson, Mississippi. The rebrand included a new logo, new website brand (www.jsums.edu), enrollment management templates and public relations efforts surrounding the University’s iPad initiative.

“We are thrilled the university rebranding efforts have been so successful,” says Frazer. “The project began in 2012 with an analysis of the existing logo and brand platform, followed by primary research with multiple stakeholder groups. We followed our time-tested five phase process and discovered that JSU’s brand was diluted, with multiple versions of logos and taglines and no brand consistency. The logo did not reflect the University’s proud history as an HBCU or its focus on the future. JSU also needed website and marketing collateral materials to support the University’s goals of increasing enrollment and alumni support. JSU’s marketing team was on board and worked with vitalink to implement the changes. This included engaging the school’s design students to help with the tease campaign; using the University’s “street teams” for dorm “raids” with T-shirts bearing the new logo; and the Sonic Boom of the South marching band launching the new logo and brand at halftime of a football game. It really got everyone excited about the changes.” vitalink also provided a new view book for prospective students, several branded design templates and a brand style guide. The new website was designed by vitalink in conjunction with web partner AndiSites Inc.

“The rebranding work got a great compliment in an hbcudigest.com article,” adds Frazer. “The article started off with, ‘If branding, or lack thereof at historically black colleges is at crisis level, Jackson State University must not have gotten the memo. In the last nine months, the university has changed its logo, redesigned its website, (and) made national headlines…’ But the bigger compliment to us is finding out that JSU is one of only two universities in Mississippi that had gains in enrollment according to an article in The Commercial Appeal.”

“vitalink’s comprehensive approach with our branding and logo initiatives, tied to their involvement with the new website development, created the basis and energy for our past two semesters’ record enrollment growth and alumni giving support,” says David Hoard, Vice President for Division of Institutional Advancement and the Executive Director of the JSU Development Foundation. “All of this was tied to their ideas and research and team approach. We are extremely pleased with the ultimate measurable outcomes of our relationship with vitalink.”

vitalink (www.vitalinkweb.com) is a branding + marketing think tank based in Raleigh, North Carolina, with offices in Charlotte and Huntington, West Virginia. Founded in 1996, vitalink specializes in branding and marketing law firms, colleges + universities, non-profits and other types of businesses. In addition to the marketing arm, vitalink has two divisions: The Expert Speakers provides speakers, high performance training, coaching and mentoring services; and vitalink Non-Profit offers marketing and fundraising services for non-profit organizations and businesses wanting to maximize relationships with non-profits. vitalink and its team members give back to the community on a regular basis.

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