Listen to that Inner Voice

By Andy Thomas of The Expert Speakers

There is one major common denominator I have found in my career coaching clients that I talked about heavily in my recent Keynote speech for a national health conference for Virginia Tech. It is called the desire for fulfillment. I personally believe the lack of fulfillment and the depression that sets in is one of our biggest health issues today. I work with many high level executives who in many cases make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. They drive nice sporty cars and live in amazing upscale Charlotte neighborhoods but actually are somewhat “lost” when it comes to true happiness. Quite frankly it’s worse than that. Many are actually miserable because they don’t feel a passion for their jobs at all and that dissatisfaction has typically led to major problems at home too. I know it sounds strange to admit that you could be 50 or 44 years old and yet not engaged in your current career and far from on the life course you expected. I see it every day as I coach my clients.

The secret in my opinion is to listen more to that inner voice that is trying to remind you what you wanted to be. The second part of the equation is to obviously explore and build a qualified action plan so goals for change are set in place. Add to that a clear sense of vision and understanding of what you are as a product. Everyone should be able to answer the questions of “What makes you unique? “or “How do you define your greatest skills?” . Everyone should have an elevator pitch of who they are and what they offer the world etched in their very being. Knowing your strengths and appreciating your uniqueness is part of the roadmap to reaching fulfillment.