A Law of Attraction Prescription for Social Change

Using Ferguson, New York, Boston and Baltimore Events to Create a New Reality

By Karin Cross

Karin Cross

Karin Cross

Every experience in life is an opportunity to better define what is wanted for the future. From the perspective of right now, do you want more of the same or do you want something different? If you want more of the same, do nothing and continue to focus on what is. If you want something different, however, then your thoughts and actions must shift to reflect the change that is wanted. Creating a different experience is simply a matter of making a choice and lining up your thoughts and actions with this choice. This is the Law of Attraction at work – what you focus upon expands.

Recent events in Ferguson, New York, Boston and now Baltimore present all of us with the opportunity to look at what is and decide whether we want more of the same or something different.   If we want more of the same – fear, anger, frustration, powerlessness, loss – then we simply need to keep doing what we’re doing and continue to focus on what is – the details of each event, blame and the past. This is typically how we tend to respond – unconscious, reactionary and totally focused on the negative – and thus the reason that social change takes so long.

If, however, we do not want more of the same, we can use the incidents that have occurred in these cities and others to better define what we DO want instead. Consciously choosing peace, equality, justice, compassion and then aligning our thoughts, words and deeds with them guarantee the creation of a new reality. And when we focus collectively on what is wanted, it unfolds for us in powerful and unexpected ways.

So…What do we do? What does the process of “aligning with peace, equality, justice and compassion” look like in the real world?

  1. First, find your happy place. No kidding! Anyone involved or wanting to help change the status quo must first connect to a sense of peace and calm in whatever way works for you. Meditate, pray, walk on the beach, go fly fishing, play with your children or grandchildren…anything that helps you re-establish your own sense of personal balance and well-being. We live in a vibrational universe, and like attracts like. Because our thoughts are also vibrational, they attract similar thoughts, people and situations into our lives. Thus, to attract ideas for positive and empowering solutions and the pathways by which to pursue them, you must first set your own vibration – your own point of attraction – to that which you are wanting to achieve.
  2. Talk, Write, Meet. (But ONLY AFTER you have quieted your own spirit and are coming from a place of calm and hopefulness.) If you have the public’s ear or eye, uplift us with your words and paint a picture of the new reality we are wanting. Focus on solutions and celebrate the progress that is being made. Inspire us to release the past so that we can move forward toward this new reality. Again, everything is vibrational. Focus on anger and injustice simply attracts more of the same into our organizations, communities and homes.
  3. Be the change you want to create! Science shows that positive changes that we enact in our own lives influence others four degrees removed. To attract and create more peace, equality, justice and compassion in the world, we only need to seek it in our own lives. Ask yourself then:
    1. What would it feel like to experience more peace and calm in my own life? What can I do that would make me feel more like this? Go do that.
    2. What would it feel like to experience more equality and empowerment in my own life? What can I do to feel more empowered? Go do that.
    3. What would it feel like to experience more justice in my own life? What can I do to bring more of this feeling into my daily life? Go do that.
    4. What would it feel like to have more compassion in my life? What can I do to increase compassion in my life now? Go do that.
  4. Turn off the News! Last but not least, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your community is to turn away from anyone spewing negative thoughts and details about what is. Reporting the facts is one thing, turning facts into hype is another. These ideas and words are of a low vibration and only keep what is alive and thriving by attracting more of the same. There are, however, strong, visionary leaders in the world who inspire positive thoughts and actions and leave us feeling hopeful and eager for the new reality. They set a different tone, pursue a different approach and have a very different vibration from those who focus on the negative aspects, and thus they attract and create solutions that truly lead us to the new reality we are wanting.

That’s it. It is neither difficult nor complicated. Experiencing peace, equality, justice and compassion in our cities and communities is only a matter of consciously thinking about what we want rather than what we do not want and then seeking to experience these things in our individual lives. So tell me…What will you do today to change the world?