1 Hour of Inner Work = 7 Hours of Outer Work

Do the INNER WORK first, and everything else falls easily into place.

Karin Cross

Karin Cross

By Karin Cross

Last August I decided that I wanted to be interviewed on the radio. That experience just felt like the next logical step in further developing my Law of Attraction speaking and coaching practice. Since I’m fairly new to the public speaking arena, where to start was not so obvious. You might think that I would turn immediately to Google to identify local radio stations and personalities who host programs that might be a fit for me and my background. Alternatively, you might think that I would immediately get the word out to my network. Both of these courses of action would have taken a considerable amount of time and activity on my part. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of long hours of hit-or-miss unproductive work. So…no, I did not take either of these actions.

Instead, I chose one hour of inner work over seven hours of outer work. I sat still for a few moments, imagined someone inviting me to do a radio interview and connected with how that would feel. I then visualized and “emotionalized” the actual interview taking place. When my vision was complete, I released the images and emotions and began my daily rituals that help me stay in the flow – I meditate for twenty minutes, journal and write ten things (different each day) for which I am grateful. That day, I also recorded my desire for a radio interview in my journal, and I listed several gratitudes around appreciating the opportunity to speak to people via radio.

The inner work done, I took one more action regarding my desire for a radio interview – I wrote it down on the Universe’s to-do list. It is my work to identify what I want and to keep myself in a spirit of receiving; it is the Universe’s responsibility to work out the details.

That’s it. That’s all I did to get started on this new goal. Three days later I received a forwarded email from an AARP volunteer colleague of mine. The original email was from the host of a local radio show who was seeking an expert to interview on the topic of older workers returning to the workforce after care-giving for loved ones. (Given my twenty years in Human Resources and my specialization in the aging workforce, this was a perfect topic for me.) After doing a few virtual cartwheels, I immediately responded to the email. We talked the next day to establish that I was definitely a fit for her topic and audience and then scheduled the actual interview. The rest… is history. Well, not quite. The following month, AARP of North Carolina also asked me to do a radio interview. (I just love how well INNER WORK works!)

Total time and effort lining up with my desire and “making” it happen? About one hour of inner work. The alternative of working long and hard, trying to force things to happen, is a work ethic I am very happy to release. My method of living in the flow and enjoying life as it unfolds is just so much more fun and inspiring…AND EFFECTIVE!

How about you? Do you want to accomplish seven hours of work in only one hour a day? Do you want to really enjoy your day-to-day and feel what it’s like for your desires to easily unfold for you? Here’s how?

  1. Prioritize your WORK. Establish a daily inner practice that helps you maintain mental and emotional balance and clarity – that centers you. THIS is the one hour of INNER WORK that ultimately results in seven hours of OUTER WORK. I shared my daily practices above. My husband’s daily practice includes long boarding. There are different approaches to developing this inner peace, but the easiest place to start is simply to meditate about fifteen minutes every day. Done consistently, this action alone will change your life in many positive ways.
  2. Get clear on what you want. What do you want? A new relationship? A new job? A better experience with the job you have? More money? A healthier body? A profitable and fun business? New or better clients? Something material like a new house or car? Whatever it is, know WHAT you want – be able to describe it in great detail – and WHY you want it.
  3. Connect emotionally with what you want as if you already have it. Visualize it, feel it, focus on as many of the wanted details that you can think of.
  4. Let go of thoughts about WHEN or HOW your desire will unfold. Release your attachment to the outcomes. Focusing on the lack of what you want or trying to control when and how it happens makes the receiving of it much more difficult…and it takes the fun out of it.

That’s it. Becoming a magnet to all that you desire is very simple. When we do the WORK outlined above, we keep ourselves mentally and emotionally in alignment with what we want and thus allow it to actually happen much more quickly and easily than if you made it happen through long hours and hard work.
So go ahead. Give the WORK a go for two weeks. I guarantee you’ll like your results.

Karin Cross is a Law of Attraction Speaker, Teacher and Coach who helps women and organizations learn and apply concepts surrounding the Law of Attraction so that they can truly experience all that they are wanting with great joy and ease. More information is available at www.asamatterofthought.com.