Marketing strategy

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Where do you want to go?

A marketing strategy is a roadmap to help you accomplish your marketing goals. It takes a strategic looks at where you want to be and defines how you'll get there. Without a plan, you may move in the wrong direction and waste precious marketing dollars.

research is the foundation

Research is like the GPS of navigation. If you have bad data, you'll end up in the wrong place. A successful strategy uses the data and intel from research. Once you know your brand's true strengths, weaknesses and your goals, then understanding who your target audience is, where they spend their time, and what types of stories engage them will start you moving down the right road. We also factor in the competitive environment, market factors and other key performance indicators.

Don't build your plan in a vacuum

Your strategic marketing plan must integrate with the overall business plan for your organization. You need buy-in for your plan and for your marketing strategy. Even more important, the plan must integrate and accommodate other activities in the organization. After all, if a department is pushing product #1 in June, you need to be doing the same.

lay out the flightplan

All your actions should support your end goals and should be prioritized accordingly. They must make sense for each target group and integrate throughout the plan (one channel or approach is rarely sufficient!).

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