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Branding Your Law Firm

Lawyers know that image is important. Many go to great lengths to drive the right car and wear clothing that makes them look successful, but how many have really put time and thought into legal branding – their brand identity? Remember more people will see that brand logo than will see a car, so it is important to put some thought and care into developing a brand logo that will accurately represent the law firm you want to have.

It is an increasingly competitive environment for lawyers, law firms and legal associations. What used to work in the past to develop a logo and open a law firm just isn’t enough today to set you apart. We all remember, and many lawyers still have, that standard law firm logo that is just traditional type…probably ALL CAPS. Some might go that step further and put the scales of justice with the type. You’ve all seen these, right? OK, so what makes these law firms or lawyers stand out if what they are doing is just like what the other lawyers are doing? NOTHING.

“I’m big on foundation to make sure I’m going in the right direction with my marketing. vitalink did a great job evaluating and understanding my firm. From this evaluation, vitalink developed a new logo & branding. I now have branding that more accurately reflects my firm and what we can realistically deliver. Jeanne’s commitment to developing this branding was very evident during this phase and her marketing background was indisputable.” ~ Mike Dyer, Dyer Law

This isn’t just about a pretty logo, the best brands have thought behind them. We have a process and we do the research to get the brand right so that the law firm has the right foundation for success.

You’ll see a few examples of brand logos (we also call these visual identity systems) below that we’ve developed. The first thing we want you to notice is how different each logo is. That is the key to this. Each logo represents the personality and best traits of the law firm. You won’t like all of them. That’s OK too, because you are not likely to be the target customer for the law firm! Remember, we design the logo for you to feel it fits you, but more importantly that it resonates with your target audience.

Van Kampen Law logo
The Solomon Law Group logo

For example, Van Kampen Law is a plaintiff’s employment law firm that works with mostly professional woman. You’ll notice the logo is modern and uses colors that work for women. This is in contrast to Solomon Law Group, a personal injury firm that works with mostly blue collar folks. That logo has an approachable and vibrant feel also reflected in the tagline: Serving Our Community. Protecting Your Rights.

We could go on and on about this, but don’t want to bore you to tears. Give us a call at 919.850.0605 or email if you’d like to discuss how we can help your law firm or legal association get to the next level. Ask for other examples of just what we can do when building on a great brand mark with client kits, ads, websites, firm brochures, client relationship marketing, videos, ghostwritten books and more.

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