law firm branding

The Process of Branding a Law Firm

Developing a brand for your law firm requires research, careful consideration and a methodical approach. Law firm branding is about much more than having an attractive logo. Your firm’s brand sets an expectation with prospective clients and must accurately represent what the firm has to offer. Your brand makes a promise to clients and potential clients about who you are. If that promise is not met, it can create a disconnect, leaving the client feeling like you have broken that promise.

Whether you are creating a brand for a new law firm or reviewing the brand of an existing firm, you want to get it right.

The vitalink Brand Vitalization Process

vitalink Brand Vitalization Process

vitalink uses a five-step process we call the vitalink Brand Vitalization Process to help optimize your brand. In Step 1, we start with research, identifying your law firm’s needs, talking about your plans and objectives, and identifying awareness gaps between how your firm is viewed internally and externally (what we call Perception vs. Reality). This research also pinpoints “sweet spots” – what we call your core truths. These core truths are used to develop the foundation of your brand message platform.

Step 2 continues the Perception vs. Reality process as we engage stakeholders; depending on your situation, this may include firm partners, attorneys, staff and paralegals, clients or past clients, professional associates, etc. This helps to ensure all viewpoints are reviewed and that needs and purpose are aligned with strategy.

In Step 3, we review the data from the first two steps and collaborate with you to develop brand strategy and to create tactical communications plans.

In Step 4, we take everything we have learned and create your new brand OR revitalize your old brand. This may include a new (or adjusted logo), defined fonts and colors, taglines, core messages and themes. We will also identify optimal communications vehicles for your firm to best reach your target audience. In this phase, marketing materials and collateral are typically designed or updated to reflect the law firm’s new brand position.

Finally, Step 5 involves the rollout of the new brand, including asking for feedback from stakeholders and determining success measures. vitalink also provides a summary report and recommendations.

Interested in learning more or scaling this process to fit your needs? Give us a call at 919.850.0605 or email us to find out how we can help you with your law firm branding needs.