ghostwritten books for lawyers

If you have often thought about offering clients and prospective clients a free educational book on one or more of your practice areas but simply haven’t had the time to write the content, vitalink can help with ghostwritten books. Our ghostwriters will work with you to learn about your goals and personality, then deliver a fully written book for you to review and adjust. Two rounds of changes are included, allowing you to ensure the content is completely what you want when your name goes on the cover. vitalink also provides the creative and cover design for your approval. The final book then goes to the publisher and in a matter of weeks you are a published author!

Authoring a book establishes instant credibility in the eyes of those looking for an attorney. Books help generate action through education based marketing that will drive clients to your door.

vitalink offers three book options for lawyers:

  • Fully ghost authored books where the content is customized based on your instructions
  • Base information books already written that you update with your state laws (licensed books subject to availability)
  • Editing services where we take your book content, edit it and format it for press

The process starts with a conference call to get to know you better and set expectations. After researching the book topic, our ghostwriter will provide you with an outline for approval. Once the outline is approved, we will begin writing the book. Once the initial draft is completed, we will forward it to you to review and provide any updates needed. A second draft will then be sent for final review. Communication is typically via conference call and email, and we try to take up as little of your valuable time as possible.

But content is just the first piece, it is crucial that your book has the right look to ensure maximum credibility. Your book must look like it could sit on the shelf at any bookstore and have the feel of a best seller. We use our time tested format and customize the book jacket cover and contents for you. Depending on your needs, an ISBN and bar code may be added. Optionally, an e-book may be formatted for Kindle or other readers. If the option is selected, your book may be offered for sale on Amazon. Programs are available to further promote your book through a variety of internal and external marketing and publishing sources. Contact vitalink today at 919.850.0605 or contact us online to learn more.