David Hoard Joins HBCUgrow Team

Raleigh, NC – Jeanne Frazer, president of vitalink, today welcomed David Hoard to the company’s HBCUgrow team, which focuses on helping historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) revitalize their brands to grow enrollment and alumni giving. Hoard brings more than 30 years of higher education experience to his consulting role with the team.

David Hoard

David Hoard

“Many universities are struggling today with declining enrollment, decreased financial aid for students, and declines in alumni giving,” says Frazer. “Some HBCU’s rely on enrollment for the majority of funding, but a more well-rounded approach that includes retention, alumni giving and development can make a big difference. On top of that, many HBCUs also face an “identity” crisis and need to find better ways to reach prospective students in an increasingly competitive environment. We’re pleased to have David Hoard join our team to aid us in engaging these universities to help them ‘find themselves’ again and revitalize their brands.” vitalink has helped numerous colleges and universities with branding and marketing over the last 15 years.

“I most recently worked with Jeanne and the HBCUgrow team while in development at Jackson State University,” says David Hoard. “JSU was struggling with declines in enrollment and financial support from alumni. With a focused rebranding effort, we were able to turn the university around to become the fastest growing HBCU in the country. JSU has seen enrollment growth for the last six straight semesters, and alumni support is also up. I’m pleased to join the HBCUgrow team in its efforts to help other HBCUs make similar turnarounds.” Hoard has been a leader as a vice president at four universities, both public and private, and has held a leadership role with a system of public universities. He has consulted with over 25 other universities and non-profits, and runs his own consulting business with clients throughout the United States. Hoard, Frazer and Andrea Ferguson (president of AndiSites, Inc.) presented the JSU rebranding story at the 2014 American Marketing Association’s Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education on November 13, 2014.

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