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Why is branding so important?

Branding is not simply slapping a logo on your products or services; it's much more. Your brand lets consumers know who you are. It's your promise of what you will deliver (product or service + experience).

Are you creating connections or disconnections?

When you show different versions of your brand, different styles of creative and/or conflicting or different messaging, it takes your customer time to connect the dots. In that time of trying to figure if this is the same company, you've lost them or lost credibility. You don't want your customers to have to work that hard or question you! Keep it simple and drive home who you are and what you do best (this is really important - research helps define). EVERY SINGLE TIME, EVERY SINGLE DOCUMENT.

I finally know the true brand for my company!! vitalink’s knowledge and expertise has been such a huge asset to our company. If you are a business owner and considering hiring an advertising firm, you have to give them a try!! You will not be disappointed!! These guys are the BEST!!!
— Brian + Ann Grubbs, President & CEO of Raleigh Mortgage Group
Branding is a crucial tying together of every part of any person’s or organization’s hard work. It takes time and persistence.. but what a jump start when you begin with high quality work and people behind you. #vitalink #jeannerocks
— Jennifer Watts Hegg, Saddlebred Legacy Foundation + Shelby Trails Park

One bad marketing piece can put you off course


How do you get your brand right?

We help our clients identify their core strengths, not only in their minds but in the minds of their clients and potential clients, then we connect with the audience who wants what you have to offer. Advertising is a brand promise. If you find your core truth and market that consistently to the right audience, you create connections that can lead to relationships. If you advertise something you are not, you can create a disconnect where the prospect feels they’ve been lied to. Remember you can only fool a customer once. This sounds like such a simple strategy. It is and it works.

We approach our brand development, brand optimization and creative services for clients holistically, from the perspective of developing a solid foundation so that you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel. This is our brand vitalization process.

Where do you want your brand to take you?

With a sound strategy and your core truth defined, all the creative marketing elements flow from there and should be consistent in driving that core truth home EVERY SINGLE TIME. We help clients define their core truth and create brands that resonate. This may include developing materials like brand logos, brand messaging, brochures, videos, websites, print/digital/video/audio ads, sales collateral, viewbooks, trade show booths, direct mail, client relationship marketing campaigns, books, PSAs, product packaging, menus, client kits and more. The tool is important, but the message is more important.

For more samples of our design work, check out our portfolio page. Jeanne Frazer, branding expert, talks about our approach and how the right brand brings longer lasting results:

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