a branding checklist

Keep Your Brand On Point

Many people in an average organization touch the brand, so it’s easy to get off track. This branding checklist will help keep your brand on target and ensure consistency. You may wish to supplement these points by including details from your brand platform for reference.

Branding Checklist

  1. Does this marketing reach or address the target market(s)?
    Your efforts should be targeted at your primary, secondary and, if applicable, tertiary audiences, otherwise you waste time and money. For example, you may want to comment on social media about a hot political topic, but if that topic isn’t relevant, or those interested are not your target market, you are better off spending your time and efforts elsewhere.
  2. Are the brand platform “rules” followed?
    Most businesses spend a lot of time and effort building a brand platform. If you stray, you negatively impact the brand. Consistency is key to success.
    • Are the brand visual style notes correct (color palette, fonts, logo or brand mark usage, accepted photography or graphic style, etc.)?
    • Brand language – is the tone correct for the target audience(s)?
    • Is the right core message for the target used? Is it clear and concise?
    • Has the work been reviewed for typos or misstatements?
  3. Does the marketing task fit the overall strategy? If no, impact analyzed?
    You can confuse customers and prospects by heading in too many directions at once. You should have a calendarized strategy to define what happens when. While you should build in flexibility to accommodate internal and external changes (i.e., the plan says sell mittens in October, but the temperature is 90 degrees!), only do if there is a reason for the change and it doesn’t conflict with other ongoing marketing efforts.
  4. Is it in the budget? If no, where will the funds come from?
    It’s always about the money! Don’t want to end up 8 months into your plan and realize the budget has been used up on non-essential activities. Enough said.

Keeping everyone headed in the same direction and “on brand” can be a challenge, but the end results are worth it as you build a vital and successful brand.

Download a printable PDF of the Branding Checklist form to share! We recommend providing copies to everyone internally who works with your brand so they can help keep your brand vital.