brand vitalization

In order to ensure that the optimal brand marketing + communications strategies are used to support the vision moving forward, we recommend our time-tested five-phased approach to developing your brand platform. This holistic approach focuses not only on the final deliverables (new brand identity, marketing collateral pieces, strategic communications plan, website, etc), but also on the process used to generate these.

We take this brand optimization approach with the intent of fostering engagement, collaboration, and buy-in among your internal and external stakeholders; and also ensuring the end products fully support and are aligned with your strategies and organizational objectives. We firmly believe that this holistic approach is the difference between a soon-forgotten plan that sits on a shelf and a successful endeavor that adds tremendous value.

It has always been our practice to base the creative products on the combination of Strategic Goals + Objectives, Your Priorities, Market Research, and Target Audience, all through the lens of the new brand direction. 

We have developed a time-tested process for creating or re-vitalizing brands, called brand vitalization.

A little more detail….

1. Research + Discovery – Understand the needs of the client and its stakeholders; review existing research, plans and objectives; identify core awareness gaps; brand audit; and conduct primary research (when appropriate).

2. Engagement + Alignment – Engage the various stakeholder groups as part of the process (for information, point of view, and to promote buy-in); foster a collaborative approach; align needs and purpose with strategy; and resource evaluation.

3. Planning + Strategy – Collaboratively develop strategic objectives and tactical plans related to branding, marketing, and communications.

4. Creative + Branding – Create, update, tweak or supplement the new brand identity and associated marketing collateral pieces (focus on brand consistency); craft core messages/themes; identify optimal communications vehicles for the various audiences; multi-touch brand marketing + communications campaigns, etc.

5. Roll out + Implementation– Define key metrics and success criteria; measure effectiveness of actions; solicit feedback from stakeholders; enhance communications and marketing efforts as opportunities arise; “close the loop” by providing meaningful updates to core stakeholder groups.

Note that there is some overlap in these phases, both in content and timing.

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